FilterTech provides customers across a variety of industries with world class filtration options that suit their specific needs. Below are just some of the industry specific services we offer:


FilterTech provide a range of services and products to satisfy to the specific needs of the automotive paint industry. Intake and exhaust media provide the ultimate air flow system for automotive spray facilities while filtration systems cater to the more general automotive industry needs.


Airports pose specific challenges when it comes to efficient and effective filtration. The constant flow of polluted air due to the aircraft emissions and general pollution make it difficult to effectively filter out pollutants to allow for a safe and healthy environment. FilterTech are experienced in providing solutions to airports using a combination of primary air filters and Activated Carbon (Gas Phase) filtration systems to create the healthiest environment possible.


The manufacture and production of microelectronics requires the highest grade of filtration possible to ensure that all erroneous particles are removed from the air. Even the smallest gas particle can cause product failure in such a delicate environment, therefore FilterTech take filtration in the microelectronics industry very seriously. Using primary, secondary and HEPA filtration and modules the specific needs of the microelectronics industry are covered.

Food & Beverage

Unfiltered air particles can carry thousands of bacteria cells, resulting in potentially harmful environments for preparing and serving food. In accordance with Food Standards Australia, FilterTech use primary and secondary filtration systems to ensure that food preparation areas are as clean and hygienic as possible, allowing you to focus on the food, not the air around it!


Air filtration is crucial in Hospitals and health care facilities. When dealing with harmful bacteria, airborne viruses and other nasties on a regular basis, only the best will do. FilterTech’s range of HEPA filters and modules provide the best possible protection for a wide range of health industry needs, including surgical theatres, aged care facilities and infectious diseases.

Biotech, Pharmaceutical & Laboratories

The sensitive process involved in creating and replicating pharmaceutical and biotechnical material require the most sensitive of environments. These laboratories must be able to ensure that no particles can make it in or out, otherwise this extremely sensitive process could be contaminated. The answer to this problem is FilterTech’s range of HEPA filters and modules which are guaranteed to provide the optimal environment for Biotech and pharmaceutical work.

Commercial, Retail & Office Buildings

With more and more of us spending the majority of our time indoors, the need for better air filtration is apparent. Studies show that people work better and more efficiently when they have clean, fresh air to breath, not to mention less time off work due to bugs and viruses that often circulate through offices. The answer is better ventilation and filtration system, meaning that you and your employees breathe cleaner, fresher air each day leaving you energised, healthy and happy.

School & Universities

As one of only two approved suppliers, FilterTech has pioneered the ‘Fresh air delivery’ systems that are now being installed and used in Queensland schools as part of the ‘Cooler Schools’ initiative. These fresh air delivery systems help to ensure that students are more alert and attentive, making for better learning outcomes.